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2017-2019   RDI Schedule                                    

 Each weekend course cost $125 if you are a member of local RID chapter and national RID.  For non-members of RID and local RID chapter, each weekend course cost $145.

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RDI 101 Deaf Interpreters:Past, Present, & Future (1.2 CEUs)

September 30th  9am - 5pm and October 1st  9am - 3pm, 2017

Instructors: Stephanie Clark 

Course Description:  This course covers the fundamentals of Deaf Interpreter practice. We look at its origins and how it has evolved over time. Learners gain an overview of the foundational skills and knowledge required of Deaf Interpreters. The role of the Deaf community and Interpreters in the future growth of the field and improving communication access is also explored. Learners also reflect on how their personal and formative experiences impact their potential as Deaf Interpreters.

RDI 102  Ethnic & Cultural Diversity within the Deaf Community  (1.2 CEUs)

October 21st 9am -5pm and October 22nd  9am-3pm, 2017

Instructor: Ritchie Bryant  

Course Description: This course covers ethnic and cultural diversity within the American Deaf community, specifically, Deaf people of color. Learners explore how biases and stereotypes form, do self-analysis, and consider how these factors may impact their work as Deaf Interpreters. Learners also research a variety of organizations representing Deaf ethnic and cultural groups.

RDI 103  Consumer Assessment: Identifying Culture, Language, & Communication (1.2 CEUs)

November 18th 9a-5p and November 19th  9a-3p, 2017

Instructor: Jim Lipsky

Course Description: This course covers the wide variety of languages and communication styles, education levels, physical characteristics, cognitive abilities, and sociolinguistic factors among consumers with whom Deaf Interpreters work. Learners practice strategies for recognizing consumer characteristics that may influence Deaf Interpreter practice.

RDI 104: Ethical Considerations & Challenges for Deaf Interpreters (1.2 CEUs)

December 16th  9a-5p and December 17th 9a-3p, 2017

Instructor: Beth Lucey 

Course Description: This course covers ethical considerations and challenges for decision-making by Deaf Interpreters. Learners examine the Code of Professional Conduct set forth by the National Association of the Deaf and the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and how it fosters ethical decision-making in various situations and settings. Learners also explore how the history of RID and NAD Codes of Ethics influenced the field of Deaf Interpreting.

RDI 105: ASL Linguistics (1.2 CEUs)

February 24th 9a-5p and February 25th  9a - 3pm, 2018

Instructor: Jim Lipsky

Course description: This course will provide Deaf Interpreter participants with an overview of ASL Linguistics i.e.  phonology, morphology, syntax, grammar, and semantics of American Sign Language.  Some comparisons with English will be offered.

RDI 106  Visual Gestural Communication (1.2 CEUs)

March 24th 9a-5p and March 25th 9a-3p, 2018

Instructors:  Stephanie Clark and Jim Lipsky

Course Description:  Participants will build receptive and expressive conversational skills using Visual Gestural Communication tools through small group work. Participants will demonstrate the ability to retell situations in gestures and infuse gestures into signs.  Through videotaped activities, participants will demonstrate comprehension of simple conversations by producing appropriate responses in gestures. Learners will develop capabilities in non-verbal communication.

RDI 201: Text Translation (1.2 CEUs)

April 21st 9a-5p and April 22nd  9a-3p, 2018

Instructor: Stephanie Clark and Jim Lipsky

Course Description:  Participants will develop interpreting techniques in various settings with sight/text translation from written English into ASL and VGC. Translation of source texts including applications, instructions, and forms will be explored. Learners will analyze signed and written texts intralingually for both meaning and form through discussion, small group work, and lecture to develop the knowledge and competencies of ASL and English.

RDI 202  Introduction to Consecutive Interpreting  (1.2 CEUs)

May 19th 9a-5p and May 20th 9a-3p, 2018

Instructors: Stephanie Clark and Jim Lipsky

Course Description:  Participants will develop Consecutive Interpreting techniques in various settings. Research on consecutive interpreting in the field of ASL-English interpretation will be explored in depth. Learners will learn and practice the basic tools for improving their interpreting skills, such as memory and concentration enhancement exercises, summarizing, and strategies for dealing with cultural and linguistic challenges. Learners will interpret dialogues in role-play group formats and individually.

RDI 203  Consecutive Team Interpreting with Deaf, Deaf-Parented, and Hearing Interpreters (1.2 CEUs)

June 9th 9a-5p and June 10th  9a-3p, 2018

Instructor: TBA

Course Description:  Participants will explore teaming strategies with Deaf, Deaf-Parented, and hearing interpreters about how to work together in a consecutive manner and explore effective cues.  Research on teaming will be explored in depth along with Open Process Model.  Learners will develop their interpreting analysis skills for team interpreting within small groups and one to one setting.  

RDI 204 Simultaneous Interpreting (1.2 CEUs)

September 8th 9a-5p and September 9th  9a-3p, 2018

Instructor: TBA 

Course Description: This is an introductory course dealing with interpretation of VG to ASL and ASL to VG simultaneously. Research will be shared in depth on the importance of rapid and efficient cognitive processing through small group activities with dual tasking skills. Learners will develop skills with coping skills, restructuring, and repair strategies.

RDI 205   Introduction to DeafBlind Community and Interpreting (1.2 CEUs)

October 13th 9a-5p and October 14th 9a-3p, 2018

Instructors: TBA 

Course Description:  This is an introduction to DeafBlind community and strategies for interpretation including Pro-Tactile (PT).  Learners will develop skills on how to communicate with DeafBlind individuals, apply aspects of DeafBlind culture in their interpretation.  Linguistic modifications for tactile and low vision interpretation will be addressed i.e. interpreting environmental information. Logistics, Sight-lines, time-keeping, turn-taking, and team-work will be explored in depth to enhance DeafBlind interpreting process.

RDI 206  Simultaneous Team Interpreting with Deaf, Deaf-Parented, and Hearing Interpreters (1.2 CEUs)

November 3rd 9a-5p and November 4th 9a-3p, 2018

Instructor: Stephanie Clark and TBA 

Course Description:   Participants will explore teaming strategies with Deaf, Deaf-Parented, and hearing Interpreters on how to work together simultaneously while producing equivalent messages from ASL to VG and VG to ASL. Learners will develop their interpreting analysis skills for team interpreting in small group and one to one settings. Molly Wilson's Open Process Model of Interpretation will be explored in depth.

RDI 301  Special Topics (1.2 CEUs)

Demand Control Schema, Medical and Mental Health Interpreting

December 1st 9a-5p and December 2nd  9a-4p, 2018  (NOTE END TIME CHANGE) 

Instructors: TBA 

Course Description:  Participants will be introduced to several specialized topics ranging from mental health to medical settings.  Local state screened and RID certified Deaf Interpreters will be brought in to share their specialized area of interpretation.  Through small group activities, participants will learn application of specialized language in various settings.

RDI 207  Platform Interpreting  (1.2 CEUs)

February 23rd 9a-5p and February 24th 9a-3p, 2019

Instructor: Stephanie Clark and Cat Dvar  

Course Description:  Participants will develop Platform Interpreting techniques in various settings ranging from conference to workshops. Research on Platform teaming will be explored in depth.

RDI 208  Interpreter at Work   (1.2 CEUs)

March 9th 9a-5p and March 10th  9a-3p, 2019

Instructor:  Beth Lucey  

Course Description:  Participants will discuss and explore roles, responsibilities, and qualifications needed to interpret in specific settings such as medical, legal, conference, and other settings. Specific linguistic issues in advocating for self-employment will be addressed along with best practice of Interpreting.  Information about interview and performance screening offered by the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing will be provided.

 RDI 302   Preparing for CDI Knowledge Exam and Mock MCDHH State Screening (1.2 CEUs)

April 6th 9a-5p and April 7th 9a-3p, 2019

Instructors:  Stephanie Clark and Jim Lipsky

Course Description:   Participants will integrate all curricular content areas through discussion of issues in the field of interpreting to prepare for the Registry of Interpreters' CDI written and performance examinations. We will have mock MCDHH state screening interviews. 

Field Observation/Practicum 2017-2019

Throughout RDI's training series 2015-2017, learners will have opportunities to partake in practicum/field observation as part of our training requirements. By participating, learners will develop a deeper understanding of what it does take to be a Deaf/DeafBlind Interpreter outside of classroom teaching.  RDI participants will observe state screened and RID certified Deaf, Deaf-Parented, and hearing interpreters "in action", gain hands on interpreting work with guidance, engage in plethora of professional dialogues, and receive constructive feedback about their work.

RDI Graduation Ceremony

April 7th 3pm - 5pm , 2019

RDI participants will be awarded program completion during graduation ceremony with guest presenters.

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