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In the summer of 2006, a group of Deaf interpreters who had attended Northeastern University's Deaf Interpreter Preparation Program in the 1990's got together and discussed how the 3 year IPP program truly prepared them toward becoming Certified Deaf Interpreters. We felt that there was a need to create a similar model for new Deaf Interpreters thus the "Road to Deaf Interpreting" training series was created in the fall of 2006 with both Jim and Stephanie coordinating the details of securing space, obtaining instructors, and designing course requirements while local Deaf Interpreters provided input over time along with support from from the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers.

The first RDI cohort group started in April, 2008 and since then we have had our second and third and fourth cohort groups with the most recent cohort participants graduating in April, 2017.  As a result of RDI's program,  several have gone on to pass RID's national CDI written examination and performance exams and now are working CDIs. Several have gone on to be approved by their state regulations i.e. quality assurance or licensing and now are working Deaf Interpreters.

Road to Deaf Interpreting program was a model for the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Center (NCIEC)'s Deaf Interpreter Curriculum published in 2014 with six modules that created strategies to measure student achievement of intended outcomes as Deaf Interpreters.  Both Stephanie and Jim served as expert team members on the Deaf Interpreter Work Group and piloted the curriculum with other team members over a one-year period with the Road to Deaf Interpreting (RDI) program.

See photo gallery of our first four Graduation photos! 

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Stephanie Clark and Jim Lipsky, RDI program co-coordinators




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