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Please ask two people who are qualified to assess your potential as an interpreter to fill out the enclosed recommendation forms and sent them to the address above.  The people filling out the recommendations should be professionals in interpreting, ASL, or a related field.  At least one reference must come from a Deaf person.  (Video Attachment can be accepted instead of written English).            

Road to Deaf Interpreting



You have been asked to serve as a reference for an applicant to Road to Deaf Interpreting Workshop Series.  This training program is designed to enable students to develop the competencies needed to enter the interpreting field or to further their ability to work in a variety of interpreting roles such as Deaf interpreter or Deafblind interpreters.  Entering students are required to demonstrate competencies in American Sign Language, a demonstrated competency with visual-gestural communications and some skill with written English.  The students accepted in  the program are required to commit themselves as this is an intensive program of study.  As a reference, please keep in mind that you are assessing the skills of an individual who may work closely with Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing people in the future.  Please answer all questions with care.  Your responses are important to us and will be kept strictly confidential. 

Thank you for your time and assistance.  New England residents, please return this recommendation to us no later than June 30th, 2017 and non-New England residents, please return to us by July 29th, 2017. 

All information is to be kept confidential.  Please type or print below or if you want to provide us with an ASL Video attachment which can be delivered to us via email, use the email address provided at the end of this form. 

Applicant?s Name

With the name of RID/NAD certification(s)

Your Name
Position Affiliation with the Applicant
Your Hearing Status

{Please Check ONE}  Deaf ___  Hard of Hearing ___  Hearing ___  DeafBlind  ___ Deaf-Parented___

On what basis and for how long have you known the applicant? 
In your opinion, what are the best qualities of this application in terms of both skill and attitude? 
Do you believe the applicant will make a good Deaf Interpreter or a good Deafblind interpreter? Why or why not? 
Signature:______________________________________________    Date:________________________________________
 Please send this form to: Jim Lipsky c/o Road to Deaf Interpreting, 95 Prince Street, Jamaica Plain, MA  02130 

Or, if you send us a video or link, please use the email address, [email protected]com 

Thank you for your support

Please remember the deadline is June 30th, 2017th

An applicant may not be considered if all recommendations are not received on time.


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